Thursday, May 19, 2011

Morgana Shifty Eyed Color Shifting Shadow Swatches

I took these yesterday when I took the Morgana Murder Mystery swatches, a rainy day. Rain = no outside pics, so not the best. Someday this rain will stop....but at least not anytime over the next few days, according to the forecast.





Morgana's color descriptions with my thoughts italicized after:

Changing Chartreuse - appears chartreuse to bright yellow with a violet shift (based on Violet Banana)
This is really much prettier in person, and more vibrant than my pics show.

Lime Shift - bright lime with a green glow that shifts copper, orange, and gold (based on Brilliant Lime)
Super sparkly and a really fun shade.

Enchanted Emerald - deep green that shifts to grey with a copper sheen (based on Enchanted Emerald lipstick)
I'm not a green shadow girl but I could see incorporating this into a look with some of my preferred dark colors. Nice and sparkly, darker green base with lighter green shimmer to it.

Shifting Sky - pale blue with a fiery red-to-gold glow (based on Fire in the Sky)
lovely pale blue, more intense than baby blue but certainly not the pool cue chalk blue your Grandma wore

Mystic Midnight - appears deep blue with blue-green glow shifting to plum
Hmmm, another one I might wear with some black shades, even though I don't wear blue shadow. Really nice shade.

Magic Plum - a reddish plum with an intense sheen shifting aqua to green (based on Plumeria)
Love these reddish plum shades, and this one has the perfect amount of shimmer.

Mystic Lavender - silvery light purple with a subtle sheen of green, silver, and pink shifts
My favorite of the collection. It's so wonderful in person, I know I'll wear this one a lot!

I know these pics aren't great, but I hope you've found them somewhat helpful. Thanks for looking.

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