Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Morgana Murder Mystery Swatches

Rain, rain, rain. Rain means not great swatches, indoor pics only, so I apologize in advance for the quality.





Morgana's descriptions, with my thoughts italicized after:

Jaded Peacock - teal with jade and gold sparks.
This is a really pretty teal shade, good amount of sparkle.

Conspiring Copper - bright sparkling copper orange
can't say I'm much of a copper or orange girl, but this is really nice in person. I can see bits of reddish/pinkish shimmer to it.

Secret Passage - plum with a fiery glow of red and orange (based on "Plum Crazy")
you know I love this one! It's not as shimmery as the others, but a beautiful shade.

Sinister Scarlet - muted cranberry with a subtle violet sheen & sparks of silver
I think this would make a great blush!

Ubiquitous Suspicions - lime with intense gold sparks (based on Gilded Lime)
reminds me of inchworms, in a good way. Very sparkly!!

Butler Did It - dark brown with a very intense gold sheen (based on Guilded Brown)
the gold really comes through nicely on this. I'm not a gold/metallic person but I can see a lot of ladies will love it.

I know these aren't great swatches....the forecast for the rest of the week is rain, rain, thunderstorms, and more rain. :( I hope you've found the pics somewhat helpful, and thanks for looking!

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