Friday, May 20, 2011

Evil Shades Wicked Gloss swatches

I bought these a while ago (month? maybe longer?) but haven't swatched them. I'm just so not motivated to do anything lately, but more on that later. I did take advantage of some brief sunshine to take an outdoor pic, yay! Outdoor pics really show the shades how they really look, IMO.

Obscurity is one of the Deviant Lipsticks, the rest are Wicked Gloss.




Evil Shades color descriptions, with my thoughts italicized:

Diana's Bow - soft pink with blue sparkle
a really pretty soft pink, super girly

Suffocation - pearly pink with blue shimmery undertone
I love this one. Darker, deeper pink than Diana's Bow, nice hint of blue peeking through. I wear this a lot.

Guilty As Sin
- pink/fuchsia with glass fleck
This is another great shade, applied heavy it's much more fuchsia, but a lighter coat makes it looks just barely reddish on me.

Deadly - deep dark red with sparkle (contains carmine)
I haven't worn this one yet, but it's a really great color on my arm. Remind me to wear this one tomorrow!

Lillian's Light - light purple with multi colored sparkle
In person you can see it's very light purple, just a hint of color. It looks almost clear in the pics though. I like putting this over a lipstick.

Obscurity - inky blue with purple shimmer
looks slightly more blue in person than in my pics, in the pics the purple shimmer really shines through.

Around the same time I received my Evil Shades order with these lippies, I was getting some empty lipstick tubes ready for recycling, and decided an almost 1 year old MAC Dazzleglass had worn out its welcome. I liked the color in the tube but on my lips it appeared clear with just a hint of sparkle (very disappointing, especially since MAC ain't cheap). I wanted to see if I could "empty out" the contents to add this tube to my recycling, so I popped the top plastic piece out of the container and used the applicator to scoop out the gloss. I got some on my hands while wiping the applicator onto a piece of tissue. Ick, the feel of the product on my hands was absolutely disgusting! I washed my hands MULTIPLE TIMES and could NOT get the stuff off. I had never been thrilled with how it felt on my lips, but that was a thin coat. The glob on my hands really freaked me out. My hands felt tacky, sticky, and just plain gross. I sat and thought, now why in the hell would I put this crap on my lips???

I hadn't tried any of these Evil Shades glosses yet. I opened up the clamshells to try them out and was so happy to discover how wonderful they felt on my skin. Super smooth, lightweight, not tacky or icky or anything other than wonderful. I need to order some full sizes of these babies, since there's now more room in my lippy bin.

I hope you've found the swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.

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