Sunday, May 22, 2011

Detrivore Pink Swatches

Some Detrivore pink swatches! Please note that "Spoiled" is actually listed under their blushes, not shadows.





Detrivore's color descriptions, with my thoughts italicized

White Chapel - white glitter color, great for use as a highlight color
This is a nice crisp white, but doesn't look chalky. Good amount of shimmer comes through.

Nameless - light pink glitter color
A pretty shade - I thought it might be too pinky-peach, it's a bit warmer than I'd usually go for but it's not. I wore it Friday and was very happy!

Spoiled - Spoiled is a purplish-pink color. Very dramatic and unreal looking. This color is also a great eyeshadow. This color is a matte.
I've used this as a shadow color but not as a blush. It's a great dark pink/berry shade. I wore this as a crease shade paired with Nameless.

Lotus - bright pinkish purple blend
A good alternative to Spoiled (if you're unsure about using a blush on your eyes), it's not the same color but close. Slightly less "in your face" than Spoiled, not as purple.

Guillotine - a bright pink satin that has red and violet shimmer
This shade is one step closer to red than Lotus, and two steps closer than Spoiled. It's about as red as I get for my eyes. Nice color, good finish.

Death Valley - a bright pink that is very shimmery
Similar to Lotus but slightly more purple, more vivid.

Chainsaw - a dark red color. This color was reformulated to be darker and more shimmery. This color does not contain carmine.
A burgundy/wine shade, good amount of shimmer, looks better in person than in my pics.

I hope you've found these swatches helpful, and thanks for looking.


  1. Cute, I really like Lotus. I have shockingly few indie pinks.... must redeem this!

  2. You did a great job. I dont have many pinks for some reason and I should invest in some of thes...

  3. Thank you both! These are some great pink shades.