Sunday, April 17, 2011

Au Revoir


I always loved this picture, from Grandma's naturalization papers. She became a US citizen on June 17, 1954. She didn't automatically become a citizen when she married my grandfather. It took her a while but she did it by getting a sponsor, learning all she could, and passing the test. She was always very proud of the small US flag she was given that day.

I'll miss her.


  1. She's so pretty, Cin. I can see you in her.

  2. Your Grandmother was beautiful and sounds like she was a lovely lady,I'm sorry she is gone. I lost my Grandmother this past October and the pain of losing her still haunts me every day. I know my Grandmother is free from pain as well and that helps make it easier when I think of how much I miss her. We are lucky to have had such wonderful women in our lives aren't we?