Wednesday, March 9, 2011

SoBe Botanicals swatches

Here's seven SoBe Botanical eye shadow swatches. I must apologize - some of the sparkles from U Rock! ended up all over the place.



SoBe's color descriptions, with my thoughts after in italics

Center Stage - White shine, metallic finish (from Party like a Rock Star collection). Great shade, nice & bright white.

Girls dem Shuga - White with shifting gold sparkle. I'm not big on gold but it's just enough to give it a sort of ivory feel without being ivory. Hope that makes sense.

Crushed Linen - Linen highlight color. Finish-Matte Satin. I think this will be a great go-to shade to use with just about any color combo.

Orchid - Light Lavender, matte satin finish. You know I love this one, super pretty color!

Edgy - Bright purple shine, metallic finish (Party like Rock Star). Next to the Orchid it looks a tad more blue, but it's really a solid purple.

Leather Pants - Rich black shine, metallic finish (Party like Rock Star). Everyone needs a metallic black.

U Rock! - A Rockin black with hints of glittery silver, gold, blue & more. Finish-Shimmery & Sparkly. I love sparkly blacks, this will go right into the rotation!

Here's two of the shades I got from the GothLips Stix collection.



Vamptress - Ready to suck your “Deep red” blood (Super pigmented). It looks more orange-brown on me than deep red, but if you look closely you can see bits of the red in there. I'll use this mostly to darken up some lip shades.

Monster Mash - One eyed Bright “Purple” people eater (Medium pigmented) I put this one right in my purse. You know I can't resist a purple lippy. I think this would look incredible with a black gloss over it!

Hope you've found the swatches helpful. Thanks for looking.

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