Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SoBe Botanicals soft / pink swatches

I ordered a 13 eye shades and 2 lip stix from SoBe Botanicals. I've swatched the first 6, which are all soft or pink shades.



Here's SoBe's color descriptions, my thoughts after in italics:

Candied Violets - Gorgeous Medium Light Purply-Blue Violet with shimmer & sparkle. Perfect as a highlight color, all over color, or even wet as a liner. A Great multitasker. Finish- Pearlescent/shimmery with a bit of sparkle. This is a really soft, pretty shade, my pics really don't do it justice. I think I'm gonna get a lot of use from this one!

Dew Drop - soft dreamy pink w/matte satin finish. A tad more peachy pink than the others.

Cupcake - Sweet shimmery pink with a hint of blue shimmer (not sparkle) which is the “Icing on the Cupcake”. Finish-satin-pearlescent finish. Another soft pretty pink, good amount of shimmer.

Tartlette - Bright & fun pink, fits the name perfectly. Finish-Satin-pearlescent. Love this one, super pink!

Dahlia - Dahlia-Bright Pink (from the Spring Fling collection). Slightly warmer than I'd usually go for, but better in person than my pic.

Punk - Punk-Deep pinkish red shine. Metallic finish. (from the Party like a Rock Star collection). A nice happy medium of pink and red - doesn't lean too far towards one or the other.

Hope you've found these swatches helpful. More SoBe swatches to follow!

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