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Seven Questions - Goth Auctions


Goth Auctions is an auction site that started in 2001, offering free listings with complementary image hosting. While many of the items are of a darker nature, there's clothing, accessories, music, books, and a variety of items that could appeal to anyone. Forums are informative, fun, and of course, packed with the usual insanity that ensues whenever you put a bunch of goths together.

I'm not sure how long I've been involved there - my first purchase was in May 2002, but I lurked for a bit before creating my account and purchasing anything. Having been involved for that long, I can also say that there is a strong sense of community within the forums. Members are quick to look out for one another, helping out whenever they can, whether it be a shoulder to cry on, share a laugh, or give an online slap and reality check as needed.

Forum readers know creator Dave as CodeVore93, or simply Code. Music fans know him as the keyboard player from death/Euro style black metal band Infernaeon. He's taken some time out of a very hectic schedule to give us a brief history:

It's pretty funny how screen names tend to stick to people. I made up the name codeVore93 just as a screen name to test on the site and somehow it became the one I used for everything. You can call me Dave.

Hm... Let's see... Well was really born out of a past relationship I had with a goth chick named Noctivagant (I won't give her real name for obvious reasons) who LOVED a certain now defunct site I won't mention and who fell to pieces when its owner threatened on one too many occasions to close up shop because he wasn't getting the attention he deserved (as a site owner I guess...I dunno...?)

In any event, one of his online tirades was one too many and, during one of her more tearful episodes, I promised her I'd make a site just as good if not better than his and she could continue selling and buying her jewelry, hair falls, corsets, and other goth stuff that she so dearly loved even if his site went down (a promise he would eventually make good...)

Needless to say, 10 years later (our site's anniversary is this year) she's long gone and I'm still here with the gift I made for her and that she ended up leaving me with in the end. I honestly don't have any regrets at all about it and I'm glad that it has grown into what it is today.

Dave has also graciously answered my seven questions.

1. You work a regular job, are in Infernaeon, have a busy touring schedule, and run Goth Auctions. How do you manage to fit all this in?

I started as a computer programmer when I was 13 years old and have worked in the computer field all of my adult life.

Nowadays, every day I'm on my computer working on one project or another, so I really don't have any days off at all. Sometimes I'm working at 5:30am and other times I'm sleeping until 12... It changes from day to day.

I do make time though frequently for myself and friends/family/etc but my schedule is more dynamic than anything else.

Luckily with 3G, etc. I can work from the road when I'm on tour with my it all works out.

The recent tour I did with GWAR was a bit rough as we had 60 shows in 60 days with 6 of the shows in Canada so I had to get a pre-paid wireless, and certain parts of the country are just plain "out in the middle of nowhere" so working from the road became difficult at times.

Driving through blizzards in the mountains just east of Vancouver, B.C. wasn't much fun either. GWAR got turned back on one huge mountain pass because their bus needed snow chains. We were on our 6th vehicle due to breakdowns.

All in all, it was like being in a hurricane and having to entertain people during the disaster. But I did get to play with one of my favorite bands though and see them more times than probably it was a great ride for me...

2. Let's get this out of the way - for many years, there was a whole "Gothic Auctions vs Goth Auctions." How do/did you feel about it, or was it really a non-issue?

It was never an issue for us. It was the inspiration for us. :)

3. Metalhead trapped in a world of crazy goth girls or is it a whole new level of entertainment?

Hahaha that's really funny. Yes sometimes it's like that.

I've never been a goth but can relate with the "dark" side so to speak playing in death/black/dark metal bands all my life.

I'm also an active occultist as are many of our visitors... So I guess I can relate with some people that way.

I learned a lot by going out with a goth girl for 6 years (why you pluck your eyebrows only to draw them back on is beyond me and yeah it sucks not being able to kiss you for fear of ruining your lipstick) so I know the pain and trouble you all go through to look good. I don't understand it but I know about it. (insert chuckle here)

As far as intra-member fighting, at times it can get catty between members and often times it's more entertaining than anything else. You wouldn't believe some of the stuff I've had to deal with... It is like the girls club at times and I try to stay out of it because having a male involved in girly goth drama usually doesn't work well. I like to keep the site organic and let the members decide how things should be resolved. I think that's the best way to handle it.

4. Care to share a little about your personal life?

I own a house in the country in Northeast PA on a little over an acre of land with my new girlfriend and our dogs and cats.

It's beautiful here but a bit harsh in the winter... She wants to move to Florida.

5. Personal style, and no, that's not a girly question. It's always fascinating to peek into a man's mind!

Well, I'm probably not what you would call fashionable at all.

I dress all in black every day but mainly because I think colors look awful on me. They look good on other people but not on me. I also like to blend in with the darkness instead of standing out like a target.

I either wear plain black shirts or black concert shirts and jeans I buy from Walmart along with combat boots and other military stuff (black military ECWCS jacket for winter, black stealth under armor cap, etc.)

I tend to look like a S.W.A.T. team member in the winter time, and a long haired guy dressed in black in the summer.

My fashion choices are purely based on two things. It must be black and must be functional/durable. Black military/tactical clothing comes closest to what I like to wear.

6. Tell us about the financial aspect.

I work at one of the largest datacenters in Northeast PA so I have a lot of resources at my disposal.

We do get a number of donations and it helps a great deal. Our advertisers are also a great help.

Anything that doesn't come from donations or ads comes from my own pocket. Expenses are in the form of hardware costs and domain registrations.

**note from cin** There is a "click to donate" right on the home page. From time to time members hold "Donation Auctions", where proceeds are donated to the site. With major auction sites' ever increasing fees, members really do appreciate the free listings.

7. What does the future hold for Goth Auctions?

I'm working on redesigning the site in my spare time and offering new free services to members. It's taking a long time because of my busy schedule but I'm hoping to have some progress made with it soon.

Cin, I appreciate all of the hard work you and everyone else on the site do to keep the community alive and going.

Without our hardcore dedicated members we would be nothing. I sincerely mean that.

**blushes** Awww, thanks. I am proud to say I'm a member of Goth Auctions!

Goth Auctions t shirts are also available. They're $20, I pick up the shipping charges, and all $20 goes to the site. There are several styles (babydoll, regular t shirt, ribbed tank) available. Please contact me if you're interested in one.


If you're on Facebook, check out the Goth Auctions company page.

Once again, thanks to Dave for his time and all the hard work he puts into the site.

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