Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation LF115

I apologize that I never got around to reviewing and swatching Illamasqua's Light Liquid Foundation! I bought it in shade #LF115, which is "for very light skin with neutral undertones."

Sephora doesn't have this product on their website. They do carry the Rich Liquid, Cream, and Powder foundations, so I would hope they would add this at some point. Illamasqua's price is £21.50 for 1 fl oz, which is roughly $35.00 at the moment. Beauty Bay offers it for $28.00.

Illamasqua's blurb - "The new Light Liquid Foundation is lightweight and has a dewy finish. It has been designed to mimic the skin’s natural look, whilst still covering blemishes. The formulation also has moisturizing and hydrating properties and contains skin-conditioning ingredient Vitamin E."

The Feel - it is far lighter than their Rich Liquid Foundation (my review here). It's a nice lightweight feel, without being greasy or oily on my skin. Keep in mind I have very dry skin, your results may be different. I apply this using a makeup wedge, it glides right on and blends in well. It's not really a matte finish, but not super glowy/dewy either, just looks natural on my skin. It does not specify any sunscreen protection - but even when makeup does contain it, I always use a separate sunscreen. Can't be too careful, IMO.

The Color - LF115 is for very light skin with neutral undertones. Illamasqua offers this foundation in 14 shades; Beauty Bay carries 10 of them. Definitely use Illamasqua's color chart to help determine which shade you want. Sephora's Illamasqua color charts seem off to me. When I apply this, it appears a smidge dark, a teeny bit more yellow-beige than my own skin. It does "settle in" quite nicely. While I still prefer the 105 color (white with pink undertones), I can easily wear this color without people looking at me like I've got on the wrong shade. This slightly off shade helps to minimize some redness from my rosacea, which is always a good thing.

The Rich Liquid on the left is much thicker - see the stiffer peak?


The RF105 looks completely white when I first apply it, the LF115 has a slightly yellow tinge on my skin. I did use the entire blobs shown above for these swatches, which is quite heavy, but I wanted you to be able to see the colors. If I had used a smaller amount it would've been really tough to get a picture.

After a few minutes, the RF105 practically disappears into my skin. It's a bit more noticeable here on my arm than it is on my face. You can see the LF115 is slightly yellow compared to the RF105.

Grabbed a jumbo lip pencil & outlined the two areas so you can really see the two shades. Note the RF105 is no longer looking so stark white, and the LF115 is also no longer so obvious.


Both colors work well - my face is slightly lighter than my arm since I'm religious about sunscreen on my face year round, but don't cover my arms all year. Hubby complains I get sunscreen all over the car interior when I have it on my arms! Mixing the two shades is great, because the LF115 really helps minimize redness.


I did take a few outdoor pictures a few minutes after these, but you couldn't see the shades at all. You can see my outside arm swatch of the Cream Foundation shades CF110 (white with pink undertones) and CF115 here.

Coverage - This is a light foundation, and offers a more sheer coverage. It doesn't look or feel heavy, it just gives my skin a polished look. I do have rosacea - so sadly there are very few days that I feel I can wear this product on its own. I have worn it on minimal rosacea days with a bit of concealer on my cheeks and it worked well, but for me, it's just not enough to help conceal the redness on most days. If you don't have any skin conditions that you're trying to conceal, or if you have very light rosacea, this would be a good option. If you just want to even out or have a more polished look, again, a good option.

Staying Power - lasted all day with no creasing around my eyes or any fine lines. Because it is a lighter coverage I really can't compare it to the Rich Liquid formula. Compared to other light/medium weight foundations, it held up fine. I apply it with a makeup wedge and buff it into my skin, and haven't had any issues with it rubbing off on my clothing.

Tweaking - Again, I'd prefer this in a 105 shade but it's not available. I do like to use a dab of this to minimize redness when I use other shades though. My rosacea really prevents me from wearing this formula as much as I'd like.

Overall - I like it. A nice feel, good finish, and the very fact that I can wear this shade without feeling like it's completely the wrong color is nice. I just wish I had more days where I could wear it. On a "maybe" note, I do plan to talk to my dermatologist about trying something else for my rosacea. The Finacea gel I've been using works, but I'd like to see if there's anything else out there to help minimize the redness a bit more. If there is, I'll get to use this product a whole lot more!

SOPHIE - Don't forget, Illamasqua supports the Sophie Lancaster foundation with sales of their black liner pencil, wristbands, and a simple click to donate £1 (roughly $1.63) to the foundation. More info on Sophie Lancaster foundation can be found here.

Hope you've found this information and the pictures helpful!


  1. Wow I think 115 looks like it would work with my skintone, since I'm a bit darker than you. 105 looks fantastic on your skin. Thank you for the review :>

  2. 115 would work well for you, definitely!

  3. The light foundation looks like it would be very comfortable for summer...
    By the way cin, I've not seen you without foundation, but it seems to me that you'd be quite lovely even with your rosacea peeking through. Just sayin' :)

  4. Thanks Amandah. Most days it just looks like I've got a bit too much blush on the apples of my cheeks, other days it's very red!!

  5. Very useful review! Is this foundation oil free? I want to try it but I can't see if it is oil free anywhere

  6. Sorry it took so long to respond - power's been out for a week & no internet for 8 days.

    It's not oil free - the ingredients are here.