Saturday, March 19, 2011

Detrivore swatches

My small Detrivore order arrived mid week. I finally had a little time and sunshine this afternoon to get some swatches done. I'll post the first 8 shades here.

All of these shades can be found under the Original Collection option (under eyeshadows) on their site.





Detrivore's color descriptions, and my thoughts underneath in italics.

Contamination - a light brown shade.
This reminds me of a light cinnamon. A bit outside my normal range, but good for a neutral look paired with some of my favorites.

Shroud - sparkly silver glitter color
This looks incredible sparkly in person, really great color. I think I'll get a lot of use out of this one.

Cremains - dark silver glitter color
Shroud's darker sister perhaps, but not too many shades darker, great for a smokey eye.

Livor Mortis
- dark purple black shade
This is much prettier in person. Looks more black inside but super dark plum outside.





Saprophyte - Saprophyte is a light purplish-blue shade with pink, blue, and purple shimmer. This color has been reformulated to improve the texture and color. This color now contains carmine.
I'm not a blue girl but this is a really pretty shade. Light but not wimpy.

Lifeless - Lifeless is a bright blue eye shadow. This color has been reformulated to be brighter and more shimmery.
If this shade doesn't have Phyrra written all over it, I don't know what does.

- Dormant is a deep blueish purple with heavy pink shimmer
Again, I'm not a blue girl but I'd wear this paired up with something to bring out the purple side of it. Nice shimmer to it. I don't see this under any of the eyeshadow categories. But if you google it, it'll show up.

Ancient - Ancient is a dark purple color, because you can never have enough purple.
I totally agree with that. And it's a fantastic shade of purple too!!

I have 9 more shades to follow, all pinks & purples. I'll have those posted for you tomorrow night, I hope.

I'm never really sure about my swatches. I don't know if you really need or want 4 of each, but I think they can look different inside versus out. The flash sometimes washes out the color a bit, but shows off the shimmer better than without. I hope you've found them helpful.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Those blue shades would be perfect on you Phyrra!

  2. Love love the first set. Anything black I love....