Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WnW Don't Steal my Thunder swatch & eye

I wore the Wet n' Wild "Don't Steal my Thunder" palette yesterday. I have mixed thoughts on this one.


Swatched over UDPP



UPDD crease/browbone
MAC cream color base in Black on lid
Shade 1 (the highlight shade) on browbone
Shade 3 (lid color) in crease area
Shade 2 (crease color) on lid
Fyrinnae Immortality patted over Shade 3
L'oreal Double Extend mascara in Carbon Black
Meow Brow Beater in Black

Inside with flash, taken around 6pm.



This one I snapped outside, no flash, around 12:30, shortly after I applied my shadow. Weird light - I was in the shade of my garage but the sun was insanely bright. The shadow really did look this dark in person after I applied it though!

Shade 3 is a matte black, but it's not super flat. I thought it looked ok but it desperately needed a little sparkle, and Immortality just happened to be sitting on the counter waiting for me. I patted a bit on over the WnW black, just enough to give it a little kick.

I think I should've skipped the silvery shade, which really didn't do anything to make me happy. I thought using the MAC black cream would help keep it looking black, but after a while I thought it looked far more super dark blue than black. I think the silvery shade added to the blue effect. I used to put dark brown shadow under black to help keep it looking not so blue. I think I'll try that next time. The shadow did crease, but that's from the UDPP.

I did like the shadow overall - while this certainly wouldn't be the first thing I'd grab, it would be easy to toss in my purse to use for touch ups. The $4.99 price is part of the attraction - anyone on a budget will appreciate these palettes.

Thanks for looking.


  1. I wore this palette today, too. I really like it and was impressed with how pigmented it is. It is a blue-ish silver on me, too.

    I just snagged Silent Treatment today. I tried it out and love it, too. It looks softer on me, but I agree with the budget-friendly, travel-friendly aspect.

    Looks very pretty on you!

  2. Melissa, glad to hear it's blue-sh on you too! Silent Treatment? I'll have to go take a peek at that one!

  3. You may like Silent Treatment better. (Phyrra did a look with it on her blog.)

    It has a little peachy brow highlight, taupe lid color, and dark brown crease color in it. Oddly, the crease color shifts to more of a charcoal black on me and Phyrra. But it definitely does not go blue-black.

    This one is a perfect neutral for me and makes my brown eyes look more intensely brown. The peach color in this palette may be too dark as a browbone highlight on you though... I am a level darker than you and it definitely not lighter than my skintone at all, but not darker either.

    These palettes are definitely great bargains.

  4. I really like that look on you! Really pretty!