Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wet n' Wild Lust palette swatches

I swatched some of the Wet n' Wild stuff I bought the other day. I didn't use the foam applicator the palette came with, I just used cotton swabs. The palette came with one foam applicator and one little brush.




Shade 1 is a really light pink, I'm not sure about it as is but with something a bit sparkly over it would be great. Matte

Shade 2 is a cream shade, simple enough, one step above matte but really not shimmery.

Shade 3 is a fantastic shade of purple, matte. Sort of reminds me of a no-sparkle version of Still in Hollywood, one of those purples that both warm and cool ladies can wear. Can't wait to wear this one!

Shade 4 is a medium to charcoal grey shade, slight shimmer

Shade 5 is a blackened plum color, matte

Shade 6 is matte black with a small amount of purple shimmer

I like this palette. Adding other, more sparkly shades on top of some of these would really make them interesting. I'll have to wear these to see how the staying power is.

Here's the singles, which did not come with any applicator.


Sugar is a white shade with a slight shimmer to it. Different than the Shade 1 from the Lust palette above, more white.

Nutty is a golden nutmeg brown, slight shimmer. Not quite what I was looking for, a bit too warm, but could still be incorporated using some cooler shades with it.

I had just cleaned all my brushes, not thinking I'd need them for swatches. Maybe for pressed shadows I'll get a 50 pack of the foam applicators just for swatching. Seems kind of silly to use them once & toss them, but the cotton swabs on pressed shadows = not so much.

Hope you've found these swatches helpful. Thanks for looking.


  1. Those palette seem pretty good for the price, and nice colors too!
    Maybe you could wash the foam applicators, so you can re-use them instead of having to throw them away?

  2. When I swatch mineral shadows I always use cotton swabs so I don't cross contaminate, I figured I'd just use the same method for these.

    The foam applicators probably could be washed, not sure how long they'd hold up though?