Friday, February 4, 2011

Larenim eye shadow swatches - 6 shades

Here's the rest of my recent Larenim order. I was much happier with these shades, they're much more "me" than the first 5 I swatched. The other shades were pretty, but more neutral than I'd use for everyday.



Larenim's Color Descriptions are italicized, my thoughts after.

Lust - Light pink with soft sparkle and pearlescence. This shade looked white on me, not light pink. Nice finish.

Purple Reign - Deep, shimmery royal purple. This is part of their Goth Collection. While I appreciate their having a Goth Collection, I think many women wouldn't even bother to click on the tab and miss this lovely purple, which is a shame. It's a gorgeous shade, with a hint of blue to it. I don't usually like blue in my purple but this is really nice. Good amount of shimmer too, but not over the top.

Northern Lights - The mystical aura of the Northern Lights adds a touch of mystery. I'm not sure what this shade is supposed to be. Maybe a bit of everything? It sort of looks brownish, sort of purplish, I'm a bit at a loss on how to explain the shade. I think it's one of those that will vary based on what colors you pair it up with.

Enigma - A dramatic metallic silver with big iridescent bling! This looked more white than silver on me, but a nice amount of iridescence to it. Still not on the Fyrinnae level of iridescence, but a step in that direction.

Loli-Pop - A pinkish red wash reminiscent of the stain of a cherry Popsicle. Contains carmine. Part of the Goth Collection. I contemplated Black Rose (velvety black rose for eyes and lips) but when I saw the free selections I decided to skip the Black Rose and go with Loli-Pop. It does remind me of the Cherry Popsicle stain. I apologize that my swatch got a bit of Mystic Breeze sprinkled on it. I'm normally careful to prevent any cross contamination but I think I was just a bit out of sorts that day.

Mystic Breeze - A sensuous opalescent lilac. Very Pretty! On me, this did not look anything vaguely purple-ish. And you know how disappointing that was for me, being a purple fiend. It was more gunmetal/greenish, pretty, just not a shade for me. I'm going to pass it along to someone I think might like it. I originally chose Sacrifice for my third free choice, but at last minute I changed it to Mystic Breeze.

Thanks for looking!


  1. I really like the purple and the lolipop color. I have never heard of this company....another one to try out. I am so far behind.....

  2. Phyrra, the purple's my favorite. I had it once before but used it all up!

    Krista, you should check their store locator, there may be a store near you that carries Larenim. It's always nice when you can check the stuff out in person first.