Friday, February 4, 2011

Larenim eye shadow swatches - 5 shades

I took advantage of Larenim's recent promo to spend $25 and receive three full size shadows. My samples arrived within a week. They probably would've arrived sooner but with all the snow we didn't have mail delivery a couple of times!

My items arrived in a padded (bubble wrap) thick envelope, wrapped in purple tissue paper. It contained a nice glossy double sided sheet featuring other Larenim items, as well as a second non-glossy featuring awards Larenim has won. And of course my packing slip!




Each sample (which is labeled "mini" is approx 1/4 teaspoon. For some reason all of my makeup measuring spoons have grown legs and walked off, so I used a regular kitchen measuring spoon set. I pressed the shadow firmly into the 1/4" teaspoon and there was a teeny bit still in the jar, as well as some in the lid. The samples were $3.95 each.


Since I had several overcast days of wintry mix (snow, rain, frozen rain, and a little hail), I didn't get any outside pics. I didn't want to keep waiting since who knows when the sun will reappear, so only two pics.



Here's Larenim's Color Descriptions (italicized) and my own thoughts.

Midnight Magic - sexy topaz with a shimmer of rainbow. Nice shade, shimmery but not over the top. This would be a good go-to neutral for anyone who prefers a subdued eye

Ethereal - An extremely delicate and refined brown. Universally pretty. I didn't really care for this one. It's sort of flat, and leaning a bit too warm my taste. It'd probably look good incorporated with other shades that are closer to my preferred palette though, I'll have to wear it to see.

Glazed and Confused - lavender/grey with iridescent finish. This shade looked more taupe/grey on me than lavender. A bit of shimmer, not really iridescent in my book but I suppose I'm more used to really over the top iridescence from other brands like Fyrinnae. This would be good for ladies who think they're afraid of shimmer.

Truth or Dare - regal plum with satin finish. This shade looked much more reddish on me than plum. Nice finish, not matte but not sparkly.

Pink Divinity - A pink so divine you'll believe it sprinkled down from Heaven! This shade contains carmine, for all the vegans out there. It looked more whitish pink than pink on me in person. Good for a highlight, nice amount of shimmer without being too over the top.

Thanks for looking!

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  1. These look great...My head is spinning with all these new companies to try....Wow!!!