Friday, January 21, 2011

Meow Cosmetics IdealEyes - 5 purple swatches

I bought these samples a few months ago but forgot to swatch them. These are 5 purple shades from the IdealEyes collection, which are all "Purrl" (pearlized) shadows. It's a nice finish, a step up from matte, but not as intense as the twinkly/sparkly finishes.



The picture below was WITH the flash. Apologies for any confusion!

Meow's Color Descriptions are italicized, my thoughts after:

Indignant - light soft pink. On me, this appears more light orchid than pink.

Vicious - bright pink/purple. This is a really pretty color in person, much more purple toned, sort of a warm lavender.

Vindictive - light purple with rosy pink undertones. It appears cooler on my skin, a very pretty light purple.

Lazy - light dusty purple/grey. Yup. Perfect description!

Heavy Petting - intense vivid black/purple. In the pictures it does appear very dark, more black than purple, but in person it's the opposite, it's more dark purple. A great shade for lining or a smokey eye.

Hope you've found the swatches helpful. Thanks for looking.


  1. All beautiful colors! Great to see how Meow's colors look in real life since I am just getting started with mineral make-up.
    Anne W

  2. Be forewarned - mineral shadows are highly addictive!

  3. I love the look of Heavy Petting....they are all pretty....

  4. Krista, Heavy Petting is much more purple and would look great with your darker eyes!