Thursday, December 16, 2010

Meow Ghosts of Christmas Past - 7 swatches

Seven swatches from Meow's Ghosts of Christmas past collection.



Meow's Color Descriptions
Vixen - sparkling pure white with red glitter, silver glitter and metallic gold sheen gold sheen
Cheers! -
platinum with bright flashes of red sparkle and metallic gold sheen
Fancy Feline -
ultra rich pure platinum with silver sparkle
Winter Coat -
complex and sophisticated soft lilac with pink sheen
Santa Baby -
metallic sparkly magenta
Fruitcake -
Gilded grape fused with pure metallic gold
Midnight Kiss -
a holiday explosion of color and glitz! A dark grey/black base sparkling with red gold, pink and silver glitter.

Hope you find the swatches helpful.

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