Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Meow Cosmetics Sugarplum Collection Swatches

I received my Meow Sugarplum Collection samples in the mail yesterday. 5 samples for $5, in a cute little gift bag. The full size collection includes a mineral lip gloss as well, $49.



Meow's Color Descriptions
Sugarplum Blush - mid-toned neutral plum / rose
Ballerina Blush - ultra soft neutral toned pink

They don't have descriptions listed for the shadows. My thoughts - keep in mind I suck at describing color, and if you heard the ridiculously loud banging going on at my house at the moment, ughhhggg, no wonder I can't think! (more on the banging later)

Fairy - it's more reddish/violet/berry than the other two shades, not quite metallic, sorta jewel toned, loads of multicolor shimmer. It looks cooler in my picture, but warmer on my skin. I think it's a "Still in Hollywood" shade that both warm and cool ladies will be able to wear.

Vision - more blue compared to the other two shades, multicolored shimmer. It's one of those shades that could work well for those who like blue or purple. I'd definitely try to use other shades to coax out the purple, since I'm not a blue lover.

Nutcracker - nice solid purple with multi shimmer. This would look great either applied delicately with a fiber optic brush or darker with taklon brush.

Sugarplum - I know it says "plum / rose" but I'm just not sure on this one. I don't know whether it's the shimmer or the base, but it's a bit warmer than I'd normally wear. The shimmer looks slightly darker pink, possibly red, also a hint of yellow & green in there. The again, I could be hallucinating after staring at it for so long..... I think this shade would look good on neutral ladies.

Ballerina - it's hard to see on my swatch, but that's what I like about it. I prefer a super soft sweep of color, and this is a very delicate pink with a little light pink shimmer. I have fewer and fewer days that I can actually wear blush (due to rosacea) and when I do, I want a light shade that doesn't scream "Hey, rosacea, front and center!" - I want a pale hint of color to dust on top of my cheekbones to reflect light. This shade might be hard to see as a regular blush on anyone with a regular skin tone (ie, not the angel of death shade mine is) but try it on the tops of your cheekbones instead.

Hope you find the swatches helpful.

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