Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fyrinnae Favorites - Equality, Dinosaur Plushie, Immortality

These are my three favorite Fyrinnae the moment, anyway! Gotta love the sparkle. I usually wear Equality dry but the other two over Pixie Epoxy.

Top row dry, bottom row over Pixie Epoxy. Shades left to right. First pic inside no flash, second inside with flash. Third pic outside no flash, fourth outside with flash. Click the pics to enlarge.

Equality - Dinosaur Plushie - Immortality

Fyrinnae's Color Descriptions
They're long, but these shades are complex and breathtaking in person. Pics really don't do them if you don't already have them, go order them!

Equality - Not simply a pearl or an iridescence, this shade, that upon first glance is similar to our Platinum, encompasses shimmer and sparkle of all hues and sizes in a mock-holographic effect. Looks best under indoor lighting, not sunlight. Everything happily exists together to form one beautiful array of colors. Can be an opaque metallic when applied wet, or a sheer sparkly shadow when used dry.

Dinosaur Plushie
- A flamboyant, eclectic dinosaur covered in glitter, perhaps. Name is unrelated to usual. This shadow is very similar to, but out-sparkles Equality, and is a true bright silver, not taupe-hue. Dinosaur Plushie is filled with much more multi-colored sparkle, some of which can change hue in different light. Transparent over most primers or applied dry (don't apply this dry unless you're going for that all-over disco queen look), but over sticky base, like our Pixie Epoxy, it is a gleaming metallic silver with many flashes of colors.

- Literally a rainbow of sparkle in black! Not pitch-black like Fyre & Ice, but soft and blendable, though opaque enough to show off the colours. One of our most striking, sparkly shades, the sparkle hues include pink/red, orange, gold/yellow, green, blue, and purple. it a bit too over the top to wear all three at once????


  1. Wear them all at once! I love Dinosaur Plushie but I don't really know what to do with Equality.

  2. I usually use Equality when I do a neutral/brownish eye. It makes it anything but boring!

  3. They are sooooooooooooo gorgeous :) I vote all at once, too ;)