Monday, November 1, 2010

Fyrinnae Damn Paladins, Shinkirou, Moon Child

Sorry, the photos from this post have been lost.

A few more neutral shades from Fyrinnae. Note Moon Child is the new version, here's the notation from their website "Formerly one of our Professional Colours from 2006, this was modified into eye shadow form in 8/2010 and added back into the catalogue (and yes the chemist named it for the Gackt/Hyde vampire film). " I loved the original and am so happy it's back in shadow form!

Top row dry, bottom row over Pixie Epoxy. Shades left to right. First pic inside no flash, second inside with flash. Third pic outside no flash, fourth outside with flash. Click the pics to enlarge.

Damn Paladins - Shinkirou - Moon Child

Fyrinnae's Color Descriptions

Damn Paladins - Soft, satiny taupe with a gentle light blue highlight.
Shinkirou - Gleaming, sparkly sheer highlight.
Moon Child - Soft glimmering ivory shade with just the right amount of shimmer, not big sparkle