Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Meow Cosmetics 5 Sunless Sea Swatches

Sorry, the photos from this post have been lost.

I ordered five of the nine shades from Meow's Sunless Sea collection. Swatches are: Top row dry, bottom row over Pixie Epoxy. First pic is inside no flash, second inside with flash. Third pic is outside no flash, fourth outside with flash. Remember to CLICK the picture to enlarge!

From Left to Right:
Urania, Erato, Clio, Calliope, Polyhymnia

Meow's Color Descriptions:
Urania - silvery pearlized taupe
Erato - creamy vanilla hued biscuit
Clio - bronzed buffed neutral
Calliope - shimmery golden rose toned fawn
Polyhymnia - soft pastel plum with silver sheen

These are all really soft, pretty shades, and all super shimmery! Urania and Erato are both great for highlight/browbone shades applied dry. Over the PE, they're much more vivid, good for a bolder look. Clio, Calliope, and Polyhymnia would all be good for either a mid-tone lid shade or applied wet for a crease color.

I didn't get the other four shades - Thalia (pale pink w/muted coral), Melpomene (true denim blue), Euterpe (pale pearly pistachio - say that fast 10 times!), and Terpischore (shimmery salmon rose) since I don't wear blues, greens, or salmon/orange tinged pinks. They all look good - I was going to get them just to swatch but I got a bunch of Meow's Halloween shades instead!


  1. I like the swatches...Those are really pretty. There are so many collections coming out that it is nuts. How can you not spend any money....

  2. When it rains, it pours!! And they also had THREE collections, plus all the old Halloween stuff. My checkbook is in sorry shape!