Monday, September 27, 2010

Meow Cosmetics Feliner Swatches

Sorry, the photos from this post have been lost.

I purchased these Meow Feliner samples over a month ago but hadn't gotten around to swatching them. I put a small amount of each powder into a paint palette, mixed a few drops of water into each, swirled with cotton swab & applied on my arm. Since it's raining out I can't seem to get a decent picture with no flash, there's just not enough light.

All pictures from left to right: Lightning - What the Cat Dragged In - Catwoman - Alleycat - Neurotic - Thunder - Sex Kitty - Abracatadbra

Inside no flash

Inside with flash

Inside with flash

Outside with flash (raining out)

My Color Descriptions:
Lightning - pure white opaque - frosty, multicolored shimmer. Yay for white liner!

What the Cat Dragged In
- a medium matte grey

- medium dark black liner with multicolored shimmer. Great for when you want black but not super dark black!

- charcoal grey with multicolored shimmer. It's a lighter shade than Catwoman, and the shimmer is more intense.

- Black with "gold, green, and blue shimmer." The gold comes through the strongest on me, but I really don't see blue - I see gold, green, and red. When I mixed it with water the base really looked much more gold than the other shades. I'm not a gold/yellow person, but for those of you who are, this would be perfect!

- Wonderfully dark black black! It says matte but my sample bag has a smidge of shimmer in it. It's not overwhelming, but just enough to make it perfect.

Sex Kitty
- Meow's description says purple black with lots of shimmer - on me, it is a very dark almost eggplant purple. It appears very black in normal indoor lighting, but under stronger light, outside, or with the flash it's far more purple than black. I shook the sample baggie before applying, but the shimmer is only slight. Thunder, swatched right next to it, appears more shimmery in person. I actually like it with less, and I could easily add some glitter to it.

- a really pretty light/medium lavender/purple shade with gold & silver shimmer.

These are all really pretty shades. Makes me want to try some of their other colors, especially since I haven't felt like black liner too much lately.

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  1. I love Sex Kitty! I think I have Purr, which is a deep teal liner.