Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Artwith Latex - latex jewelry

I'm not much of a jewelry wearer, but I do love the latex pieces I have from Artwith Latex
(updated with current link)

What is it? From their website - "Each piece of ARTWITH Designs Wearable Latex Art is a handcrafted original, signed and dated by the artist, no two pieces are exactly a like. We do not use molds or die cutting, everything is squeezed out of a "squeeze" bottle: a combination of drawing, sculpting and painting."

I've had most of my pieces for years. I just wash them in hot water, rinse well, blot excess water, and air dry thoroughly. It's helpful to gently place them on a flat surface so they don't bend. Keep out of sunlight! Artwith recommends shining pieces with Armor All or other silicone based shiner.

I wore a necklace Tuesday. Yes, my hair does tend to get a little tangled in it, but my hair gets tangled in everything. This is the "Ovilla" style.

I have an "Original Green Vines" necklace that I love!

My "Dangle Choker"

My favorite choker - closeup so you can see the material/design. I should've taken a pic of the whole necklace, since it's no longer on their website. I need to Armor All this one.

I only have one bracelet, the Brac 13 style. Here's their stock photo.

If you're interested in buying a piece, check their handy size chart before ordering. Prices vary, more intricate ones are more expensive, but still quite reasonable. They last, are unique works of art, and look damn good on. I think I may have to treat myself to a new which one???


  1. Wow! I really like the original green vines one. That is really nice.

    Latex and I have a bit of a tenuous relationship though. Sometimes my body tolerates it, other times it doesn't.

    Maybe someday I'll try carving myself a necklace like that out of of thin leather.

  2. That green one is AMAZING!! I love it! Reminds me of Poison Ivy!